Catalogue of inaugural exhibition Hopeful including works and artist's statements from Bob Aufuldish, Bruce Checefsky, Lori Kella, Michael Loderstedt, Nancy McEntee, Arnold Tunstall & Garie Waltzer. Designed by Bob Aufuldish.



Catalogue of second exhibition Printed including works and artist's bios of Kim Beck, Robert Beckman, Laura Ruth Bidwell, Emory Biko, Delanie Jenkins, Taryn McMahon, Clayton Merrell, Ayanah Moor, Michael Morrill, Mark Mothersbaugh, Jefferson Pinder, Tresa Varner, and Vaughn Wascovich. Designed by Bob Aufuldish, softcover, 36 pages.


Lori Kella:Vanishing Shoreline

Catalogue for the photography exhibition Lori Kella: Vanishing Shoreline at PhotoCentric. In these fictional photographs Kella reimagines the shoreline of Lake Erie and its tributaries in a visual homage to a horizon that has captivated her for decades. "These photographic works investigate the realm of loss in the face of pervasive environmental threats, while offering a moment of reflection and a renewed discovery of the natural world."
Designed by Bob Aufuldish





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